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Our Appeal this week 28th January 2015

Sponge Pudding

Sugar  - small and large

Tinned Meat

07502311452 if the number to contact us on please.

We are feeding around 600 people in short term crisis every month

within Allerdale and Copeland. Thank you for your support.


Thank you

 Bags for Life for us to give the food out in.

Download our latest poster here 

 The North Lakes Foodbank Centres Normal Opening times

The Bridge Centre, Central Square, Workington - Mon/Wed/Fri 12-2

New Life Church, Irish Street, Whitehaven - Mon-Thurs 11.30-1.30 - Friday emergency measures for Whitehaven call 07516989930  between 10-12 only - PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE MAIN CONTACT FOR THE FOODBANK WHICH IS 07502311452.

Lorton Street Methodist Church, Cockermouth - Tues, Wed and Thurs 10-12 

The Methodist Church, High Street, Wigton - Tues and Fri 10-12 

St Mary's Church, Maryport - Tues 12-2, Thurs 12-2 and Fri 4-6

3rd February we are opening "The Hub" coffee drop in  

Tuesdays and Fridays 1-3 at The Meeting Place, Egremont Methodist Church

You will need an orange voucher from a Foodbank voucher holder to receive food, bring it to us during these times and exchange it. If you are in need of food and do not have a care professional working alongside yourself who holds our vouchers, contact us for signposting to one of our voucher holders within Allerdale and Copeland.

Donated Food can be dropped off during these times at the Whitehaven, Wigton, Maryport and Cockermouth Distribution Centres but NOT the Workington Distribution Centre.

 We have Foodbank Collection points for your food at the following places:

Most churches in Allerdale and Copeland, Allerdale Council Offices, Asda Dunmail Park and Moss Bay Workington, Asda Whitehaven, Morrisons Workington, Morrisons Whitehaven, Tesco Workington, Tesco Whiteheaven, Impact Housing Workington, The Minto Centre, Methodist Signposting, Senton Street Maryport, Sainsburys Cockermouth, Co-op's Cockermouth, Wigton, Maryport, Cleator Moor, Egremont, Silloth,  Brigham Community Hall, Liz Hunter Physio - Cockermouth, Lakes College Workington, Westfields Housing Association Workington, Kirkbride Learning Center (Kirkbride School), Centre for the Third Age Cockermouth, Home Group Wigton, Derwent and Solway Housing Workington, , Hunday Manor Workington. Lakes College, All Foodbank centres apart from The Bridge Workington.

A Big Thank You to Allerdale Council and Copeland council for providing the Green Appeal Collection Bins.View vimeo foodbank video

The North Lakes Foodbank is a community-based project providing food for people in crisis throughout Allerdale and Copeland. It was seeded by the Trussell Trust, a Christian based organisation, committed to launching life changing community-based projects. 

Our Mission is simple . . .

Foodbank donationsThe North Lakes Foodbank helps individuals and families in crisis, through the provision of emergency food supplies. All food is given to people who are experiencing crisis identified by care professionals – Advisory services for welfare and debt, Medical teams, Social Workers, Housing floating support teams, Childrens support teams, Church and Community/Charity Workers.  We have more than 125 of these care professionals who are voucher holders for us. They give out vouchers which are exchanged for the food which is nutritionally balanced to last the individual, couple or family 3 days. The amount of people through our Allerdale and Copeland we are feeding each month is growing rapidly, over 100% rise year on year. Some of the needs are as a result of benefit delay, low income, ill health, homelessness, sickness and housing issues. 

We collect food from customers at supermarkets, churches, schools and through local groups. We see food as a catalyst for change by providing emergency food immediately to meet a crisis situation with some practical help while Care Professionals look at longer-term strategies. 

We give out shopping lists for people to buy items of food from. The non-perishable food is handed in to collections points throughout Allerdale and Copeland. Food is given out from our distribution centres where clients are offered a hot drink, a biscuit and a friendly chat. Here clients will be signposted to agencies to help further with their requirements. Voucher holders can pick up the food for clients if they are not in a position to collect for themselves.

We opened our doors in early November 2009 not knowing that we would be needed so urgently after the Floods happened as a key part of the Cockermouth Flood Action Response. Our vision now is to make the Foodbank accessible to all those in need across the whole of Allerdale and Copeland. 

Where you can help!

We have a fantastic team of Foodbank volunteers and we are always looking for more people to help. If you would like to volunteer your time, become a distributor or donate financially to the Foodbank please do get in touch with us.

 “Local People Helping Their Neighbours In Crisis”

Further Information:  

Jessica Hendry Gooding - Project Manager The North Lakes Foodbank

Linda McDonald - Assistant Project Manager The North Lakes Foodbank

  • info@thefoodbank.org.uk
  • Tel: 01900 823854   
  • Mob: 0750 2311 452

Seeded by the Trussel Trust